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Group Benefits

The right coverage at the right price, working with big insurance companies on your behalf.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance options to ensure your family is not left unprotected.

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Travel Insurance

Protect yourself from unexpected emergency expenses while traveling outside of your province or Canada.

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Health and Dental

Management of routine and unexpected costs for health-related services.

I work with all major insurance carriers to provide my clients with the best possible Insurance and Group Benefit solution in Barrie.

I assist individuals along with small, medium, and large companies in identifying, selecting, and managing their group benefit plans and insurance solutions. In the Barrie area or across Ontario, I make recommendations for plans that meet your specific needs and fit your budget.

Derek McCurdy

What makes me different

I can be you’re “Insurance Guy” & “Benefits Guy”.  Everybody needs a “Guy” they can trust.  One person that you know to get the job done, no middle managers, no junior account executive, you’re never bounced around waiting on hold, I handle it all.

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Looking pretty good for 100.

Not there yet but I feel it sometimes. I bought into Stevenson Insurance in 1990 because I believed in the way they did business. Today, I still serve my customers in the way I would want to be treated - personable, casual, with expertise and kindness.

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